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iLast All-Purpose Lithium Grease is a premium non-extreme pressure lithium grease with a high drop point suitable for high temperature applications. Water Resistant Rust Protection for General Purpose Lubrication.

iLast All-Purpose Lithium Grease is ideal for use in the following applications where a lithium NLGI #2 non-EP grease is suitable:

  • Construction

  • Logging

  • Industrial

Performance Attributes and Benefits 

Premium Base Oils:  iLast All-Purpose Lithium Grease starts with premium, low viscosity base oils for pumpability in cold environments.

Fortified With Special Polymers: Our polymer package reduces oil separation and resists water washout keeping the grease in applications longer.

Extreme Pressure Performance: A state-of-the-art extreme pressure additive package helps moving components withstand heavy shock loads and prevents early wear.

Safety Data Sheet

Available packaging:

14oz Tub, 1LB Tub, 35LB Pail, 120LB Keg, 400LB

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