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iLast Premium MAXCOOL Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant used as directed provides superior performance in virtually every light duty Application - including light duty trucks. Compatible with Dexcool® Coolant. The perfect protection choice for:

• All Season Freeze-up/Boil Over 

• Rust and Corrosion

• Scale Build Up 

• Sludge/Clogging

iLAST MAXCOOL meets ASTM D-3306 for all light duty applications and is low silicate and blended with advanced Hybrid Organic Technologies.


• Meets ASTM D-3306 and Long Life specifications.
• Safe for use with all engine metals, including Aluminum.
• Light Duty Use - 150,000 miles.
• Compatible with hybrid and OAT coolants - including Dexcool®
• Safe for use with all engine metals, including aluminum.
• Suitable for American, European and Asian models
• For safety purposes all iLAST antifreeze is blended with a bittering agent.


iLast MAXCOOL Concentrate is blended with proprietary additives designed to safely meet the performance specifications of (but not limited to):

• ASTM D-3306
• Chrysler MS 7170
• Ford WSS-M97B51-A1
• GM 1825M
• Ford ESE-M97B44-A
• TMC RP302C
• GM 1899M
• JIS K 2234
• GM 6277M

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